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Mar 21, 2012 5:30am EDT
look at the mayor's budget proposal. and we're previewing mitt romney's visit to our state this. >>> . this is a live look at the inner harbor where soon the sun will rise. lynette charles is here for what we can expect today and through the week. >>> we have the fog out there this morning. check out some of the numbers here. we have the reduced visibility again morning after morning this whole week. three mile visibility in baltimore. culpepper, more the same there and five in winchester and six in hagerstown. we're dry right now on the maryland's most powerful radar. you have to go way south in virginia to get rain. they're dealing with a couple of thunderstorms in that area. the fog will burn off ail say in the late morning -- off i'll say in the late morning hours and early afternoon. so thing will look up. just keep trucking through and now over to angela with a check of your traffic. good morning. we have the fog on the roads. >>> yes. good morning. we're seeing a lot of fog on the traffic cameras. not too bad around the beltway as far as incidents go. we have a closure in
Mar 21, 2012 6:30am EDT
guy. >>> your "abc 2 news" is coming up next. >> reporter: romney will be in maryland later today. and we'll tell you how he plans to drum up sport. >>> mayor rawlings-blake delivers the 2013 budget today. and the cuts that could affect your wallet and safety. >>> we're in the upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon and 70s it afternoon and 80s could be on the way. details coming up. >>> a foggy start to the commute as you head out today and a lot of congestion. we'll have a complete check of our roadways coming up next on "good morning maryland." >>> good wednesday morning. i'm megan pringle. a lot going on this wednesday morning. sherrie johnson previews the mayor's budget that will be unveiled this morning. and linda so is live where gop mitt romney makes a stop by our state today. and we have angela getting a check of your morning commute and then we'll go to lynette charles with a look at your forecast. >>> dense fog advisory is the big story again for today. it's in effect till 10:00 a.m. and we had it for frederick county and points south and even in southern maryland. we'll de
Mar 7, 2012 6:30am EST
. >>> mitt romney takes six states. rick santorum takes three. >> super tuesday is over, so what happens now? also ahead, linda? >> a consumer alert for parents. i'm linda so, the tainted jewelry that was sold in a baltimore store. we'll show it to you. >> the dry weather is in control for today. there's some wet weather to talk about. details coming up. >> as you prepare for your mid-week commute a couple of incidents to warn you about. and a live look at the delays. coming up next. 3q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. >>> 6:43. this is abc2 news 2 go. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> we have beautiful weather for today but check out the statistics. for december, january and february the average temperature was 40.7, equals the seventh warmest that we had. and warmest since 1949 to 1950,
Mar 9, 2012 5:30am EST
of mitt romney and rick santorum and newt gingrich, they are all focusing on the south right now. romney and gingrich visited mississippi and santorum was in alabama yesterday. key state nominating contest like mississippi kansas missouri and louisiana will become -- will come rather before the end of the month. so they are focusing on the areas. >>> the donald may give you a call pitching for mitt romney. he is preparing a national robo call on behalf of romney'spresidential candidacy. he has done the calls for romney in michigan and ohio donald trump endorsed him before the nevada caucus last month. >>> a sight of one of the top grossing movies in the 1990s. >> now the home alone house has a new owner. how much the illinois home sold for. >>> and also ahead, this gives new meaning to rock and roll. boulder is make its way down the sunset strip all in the name of art. we will tell you how when "good morning maryland" continues. >>> we are wet and mild this morning. but the dry and cool conditions will move in. i will tell you when coming up. >>> and on the roads cleared one accident but
Mar 22, 2012 5:30am EDT
that constitutes a breach of public trust. >>> mitt romney will be in washington to meet with congressional leaders. yesterday the republican frontrunner was in arbutus. at an event organized by former governor ehrlich. romney was at a town hall meeting in a jam packed american legion hall. in his 45-minute speech he focused on gas prices, the economy and health care. and did a little q and a with the audience. you probably saw his first tv ad on the air. he'll be spending almost $250,000 leading up to the april 3rd primary in our state. >>> two of romney's rivals are pulling out an oldie but goody from the toy box, an etch-a-sketch. romney aides said he's set for the fall campaign. he's talking about the general election. rick santorum aides tweeted the etch-a-sketch. saying romney plans to run as a blank slate come the fall. >> remove all trace of any kind of marks and be able to draw a new picture. maybe of someone that when he run for governor of massachusetts, not as a conservative. >> and louisiana's newt gingrich had his own etch-a-sketch. gave it to a toddler telling her one day she can ha
Mar 6, 2012 5:30am EST
have their focus on ohio. rick santorum and mitt romney in a dead heat in polls. we are live with our sister station. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. ohio is such a pivotal state. there are 66 delegates at stake , the second highest among the states voting on the super tuesday, georgia leads with 76 delegates. rick season tomorrow and former massachusetts governor, mitt romney are in a dead heat. ron paul is still in the running. polls show him in the dead last among the four. here in downtown since cincinnati, officials say they are expecting a higher voter turnout in the primary compared to the 2004 primary. it's interesting to see what happens here today. >> talking about the spending by the candidates. mitt romney just blanketed the state with his campaigning and with robocalls. is that similar to ohio? >> reporter: well, here in ohio, it's very conservative, especially in cincinnati. ohio voters who are more conservative, really like rick santorum and his pro values. mitt romney, polls show he is in a dead heat with santorum because he tends to favor the mainstream gop. here
Mar 6, 2012 6:30am EST
. the focus on the speeches, especially mitt romney and rick santorum have been the economy and jobs, what they would do when they go up against president obama if they are the gop candidate. the other two candidates, ron paul and newt gingrich are buried behind in the polls for the most part. it is all rick santorum and mitt romney. interesting to see what happens throughout the day the polls now show romney and santorum neck and neck in most cases. we will watch closely. >> a question before i let you go, spending was a big story in michigan. romney maybe using the same tactic in ohio. he has outspent rick santorum 12-1 in your state. >> reporter: that's what rick said yesterday when he was here in ohio. they are outspending me big time. some recent polls shown him drop in ohio. he has a large operation here in the buckeye state. this is a big campaign going ahead to the general elections, big key states again. certainly that does seem to be the case, whether or not rick santorum will pull out ahead and get ahead, will be interesting to see later today. president barack obama will hold a
Mar 29, 2012 5:30am EDT
a double digit lead over mitt romney and rick santorum. if the general election were held today, instead of november, 54% of voters would back the president only 43% said they would back the current front-runner mitt romney. the president head 55-42 laze over santorum. >>> today governor omally will vote in the primary election taking advantage of the early voting and cast a ballot as a public safety facility in baltimore. primary day in maryland is next tuesday. april 3rd but early voting began on may 24th and goes through today. this is to give everyone a chance to cast that ballot. >>> presidential candidate ron paul spoke to a crowd at the university of maryland college park. 1500 supporters were there chanting president paul before he started his speech. >>> when it comes to be religious, mississippi is the number one state. a poll finds the magnolia state is the most religious in the united states. nearly 6 in 10 feel from mississippi consider themselves to be very religious. utah was the large number of mormon residents came in second. many of the most religious states are in the
Mar 5, 2012 5:30am EST
. barbara bush roord robo call for mitt romney used in ohio and vermont. on the call she says shah tha she and her family have known the romneys for years and she believes that mitt is the best man to lead the country for the next four years. rick santorum says mitt romney has been unable to close the deal with voters. and that would spell trouble for republicans in defeating obama. >>> gas prices are continuing the uptick in the national average for regular unlead is up8 cents over a week and 27 cents in the course of the year. several factors are contributing to the increase among them soaring oil price up 10% from the past month. also the rising tension with iran that could lead to the disruption of oil supplies. economist worry risings gas price cos diminish consumer confidence and bringa new economic downturn. abc news is twork save at the pump we can't handle the other issues. head to abc2 news . com to -- to find lowest gas price and click on traffic and gas tries tab. >>> pass -- gas price tab. >>> as united swallowed up continental operations this weekend. but more n
Mar 12, 2012 6:30am EDT
santorum is telling the speaker, time to step aside. a head to head contest between himself and mitt romney should happen sooner rather than later. newt gingrich and santorum are both going to be attending the energy summit today. mitt romney is not going to be there. he is going to be at an event in alabama. >>> new this morning, california preacher is out of the forecasting business, many months after his doomsday prediction failed the materialize, carol camping admitted he made a mistake. camping's second date, october 21st, came and went without anything happening. >>> washington man is facing bigamy charges for the way he used facebook. >> find a friend suggestion led a woman to discover her husband remarried. the only problem, they never divorced. the woman called her estranged hubby's mother and he showed up at her apartment and told her he fixed the problem, but she had called the police. >> how do you fix that? >> i don't think you do. >>> a father is fed up with his son's bad grids and putting the middle schooler's punishment on display. the 7th grader had to stand at a busy inter
Mar 12, 2012 5:30am EDT
romney should occur sooner rather than later. they ditched plans to campaign in kansas and focused on the southern states. this president has not succeeded. this president failed. that's the reason we are going to get rid of him in twef 2012. rom any leads in delegates right now. >>> important news, if you want to vote or change party affiliations before the presidential primary here in maryland. the deadline to register is tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., you have to fill out a voter registration application and hand deliver or mail it to local board of elections. primary day is tuesday, april 3rd. >>> facebook is a great way to keep up with friends and post pictures. >> even if you find your husband is married, find a friend suggestion led a woman to the discovery. the washington man is facing bigamy charges. his first wife discovered on facebook that he had been married to another woman without bothering to divorce her. >> the woman called her estranged husband's mother and an hour later allen showed up at her apartment and told her he fixed the problem. she called police. he is facing b
Mar 28, 2012 6:30am EDT
was in annapolis yesterday and mitt romney was in arbutus last week in advance of maryland's primary which is april 3rd. >>> live pictures to show you. u.s. supreme court has a decision that could impact every american. the highest court is deciding the face of president obama's legislation on the affordable health care act. >> for some it's more than a debate. sherrie johnson has reaction from one family who is anxiously awaiting to see how the judges rule. >> reporter: that's right. oral arguments will be wrapping up today. several women's groups will protest today in washington to keep the law in place. there are two big points for you and your family to know about. one mandating you buy health insurance by 2014, and two, allowing your children to stay our health insurance until age 26. the nine justice will impact millions of lives including this little girl 3-year-old violet mcmanis. her mother knows if the justice overturn health care reform her parents may not be able to afford to pay for health care. the little girl started to have seizures when she was 11 months old. they are so bad when s
Mar 29, 2012 6:30am EDT
on the bill to repeal oil tax subsidies. >>> and today governor mitt romney receives the endorsement of president george h.w. bush. the announcement happens today near the bush's home. >>> andrea yates once convict of murdering her five children wants to leave the state mental hospital once a week to attend church. it's the first step tore for had he been having a life outside the hospital. she was found not guilt every murder by reason of insanity. >>> facebook is make all users switch over to the timeline format. this organization pictures events and status updates by the year they occurred. >>> a giant is opening if at a new location in ham den. tonight is the -- hampden. tonight is the premier night and it will feature state lawmakers. the store officially opens to the public tomorrow. >>> and later today, a student who appeared on jeopardy will be honored by the baltimore county. she answered more questions correctly during the jeopardy college chapel pillionship tournament -- championship tournament but finished second. what she -- she won 50 grand and hopes to buy a new car. >
Mar 2, 2012 5:30am EST
will campaign in ohio with mitt romney. rick santorum will be in the buckeye state as well. he'll be in chilicothe outside of columbus. tuesday is when 10 states hold primaries. ohio is considered one of them and is considered a must win for the candidates. >>> the search continues for a woman is that went missing from a luxury cruise liner >> stay with us, we'll have details on that investigation and whether police think foul play could be involved. >>> how about a little free gas courtesy of peta? it's a little cold outside for that, don't you think? what are you going -- what you can do in one state to save a few extra bucks in gas. we'll have the details when "good morning maryland" continues. >>> another round of severe weather is on the way for parts of the nation. i'll have those details coming up. stick around. everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny. cause only he brings delicious cadbury crÈme eggs, while others may keep trying. nobunny knows easter better than cadbury! ♪ abracadabra. new hershey's milk chocolate with almonds in pieces. your favorites, in pieces.
Mar 13, 2012 6:30am EDT
primaries are today and the latest polls show newt gingrich running nearly tied with mitt romney and rick santorum. gas prices have been a big issue with the candidates as they fight for the votes down south. another issue worth watching will be how the evangelical vote breaks out. >>> and important news if you want to vote or chack party affiliations -- change party affiliation before the press primary here in maryland. deadline is tonight at 9 p.m. you will have to fill out the application and hand deliver or mail it to the local board of elections primary day in maryland is tuesday april 3rd. >>> one brand of laundrydetergent is a hot item for thieves. sherrie johnson as more on what's being done to protect the product. what's this all about? >> reporter: well, some retailers like cvs are putting security devices on bottles of tide detergent. it's reportedly being trade for drugs according to state investigators it may sound bizarre but it's emerging trend across the country. people are making money on the black market for the cleaning detergent. with prices soaring to nearly $20 a bot
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15